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Made in the USA!

Made in the USA


Faztek Overstock

Workstations and Work Benches

Ergonomic. Efficient. Cost-effective.

Use Faztek for all of your work benches and workstations, designed to suit your specific needs. Strong, sturdy construction ensures years of service and reliability. T-Slotted aluminum extrusions offer complete modularity and the ability to make future modifications easily. Tool hangers, AkroBins®, and other accessories available to complete the project.

Complete tasks efficiently and easily with work stations customized for specific environments. If you need efficient inventory storage, shelving, work cells or just a simple work bench, Faztek has you covered. Choose from a wide range of materials including everything from 3" x 6" extrusion to 1.5" x 3.0" extrusion for lighter applications.

For greater flexibility, the center cavities of some T-slotted extrusions can be pressurized up to 150 p.s.i - creating a clean and 'hidden' pressure manifold. Connect valves, actuators, air lines for tools and much more!

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