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Made in the USA!

Made in the USA


About Faztek-Overstock!


Faztek-Overstock is a new T-Slot division of Faztek, offering quality t-slotted aluminum extrusions and t slot components at reduced cost. These products are either new surplus items or parts Faztek removed from normal inventory due to less-than-perfect quality ratings. All of these products can be purchased on-line quickly and easily...and get the same fast turnaround you expect from Faztek.

T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions & T-Slot Accessories
Faztek Overstock Products

Faztek "Overstock" products consist of new t-slotted aluminum extrusions, t slot parts, and t slot accessories. These also include items which have been discontinued from standard Faztek aluminum extrusion t slot inventory. All t-slotted aluminum extrusions, t slot parts, and t slot accessories in this category are 100% functional and do not contain defects to Faztek's knowledge.

Faztek Scratch & Dent

Faztek "Scratch & Dent" t-slot materials consist of t-slotted aluminum extrusions, t slot parts, and t slot accessories. These t-slot framing system parts may contain slight cosmetic defects, like scuff marks or small scratches. Please note that some t-slot materials, especially aluminum extrusion t slot, may not contain any visible defects whatsoever! All of these products are 100% functional and offer huge cost savings over the competition and new materials.

>>> Click here for examples of "defects" you may encounter on Scratch & Dent parts.

Faztek Ordering

All Faztek-Overstock products are sold on-line. You can browse and purchase materials by clicking "Shop Now!" located to the left. T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusions & T Slot Components are updated when necessary, so check back often.

Can't find what you're looking for? Go to for a full look at Faztek's T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion products.

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